Big Horn Basin Children's Center 

 Meet Bobby Big Horn, Bobby is the spokesperson for the Big Horn Basin Children's Center, a cooperative educational / residential center providing services for school districts and the Department of Family Services across Wyoming. 

School aged children sustaining educational problems which preclude education in their home district can be referred for placement at the Big Horn Basin Children's Center. (BHBCC) Currently the center serves the developmentally delayed, medically fragile, traumatic brain injured, emotionally disturbed and behavior disordered populations. In addition to providing educational and therapeutic services, offers case management and transitional programs for students with disabilities.


Self Contained Class Room  

The school operates three self contained classrooms, two of which serve students with emotional / behavioral problems. The third classroom is designed for students with multiple disabilities. The class room teacher creates an environment condusive to the development of sensory awareness, communications, pre-language and pre academic skills, fine motor skills, self help skills and socialization


Pre Vocational            

The objective of the Pre vocational programs is to teach the children basic work-related skills. The skills taught are attention to task, independently coming to class on time, beginning a project, working with others, following directions, asking for help when needed, completing a task, resolving daily problems and maintaining a clean work area.



The vocational program at Big Horn Basin Children's Center helps train students to enter the world of work at their fullest potential. Students are offered vocational assessment and classes in consumer and career education, family life skills and job training.



Students in the functional academics program range in age from six to twenty-one. The purpose of this program is to increase a students level in the areas of abstract reasoning, following directions, building vocabulary and reading comprehension. Additional training is done in the areas of math calculation, reasoning, time, money and writing to accompany development of day to day living skills. Each of the students are allowed to work at their own rate until mastery of the skills is obtained.


         Occupational Therapy      

The occupational therapist works primarily with those students who have sensory processing problems or physical handicaps such as neuro-muscular disorders.

            Physical Therapy             
The physical therapy department provides direct therapy along with evaluation and consultative services. The therapists works to improve gross motor function, mobility and independence with adaptive equipment  

           Speech / Language 
The speech / language pathologists provides evaluation and remedial services for qualifying students. Remedial strategies include direct therapy for the facilitation of functional communication skills, such as, alternative and augmentative communication, language, and oral motor remediation.

      Home School Coordinator   
The Big Horn Basin Children's Center provides a variety of avenues to facilitate communication between the home and school. The home school coordinator works with the families to insure a continual flow of information between all environments.

The residential program provides a natural environment in which the students 
personal needs are met. It consists of three cottages which are wheel chair 
accessible. The cottages are staffed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with house 
parents, aides and medical personnel as needed.

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